Homecoming Week

"Under the Big Top"

Special Events:

2012 Homecoming Week
Monday Camo Day
Tuesday Superhero Day
Wednesday Twinkie Day
Thursday Class Color Day
Friday Red & Black Day


2012 Homecoming Court

Homecoming Queen:
Brandi Fergurson

Senior Attendants:
Delaney Boren, Brandi Fergurson, Abigail Forbis, Caitlyn Harter, Mackenzie James, Darci McGlasson, and Kayla Riffey

First Runner Up:
Mackenzie James
Junior Attendants:
Willow Krumwiede and Marie Rush
Second Runner Up:
Caitlyn Harter
Sophomore Attendants:
Briana Kattelman and Skylar Vincent
Honorary Attendant:
Jodi Hoover
Freshman Attendants:
Shelby Mehsling and Brook Smith


2011 Homecoming Awards Winners
Street Painting
Class Dummies
1st -- Seniors 1st -- Seniors
2nd -- Freshmen 2nd -- Juniors
3rd -- Juniors 3rd -- Sophomores
4th -- Sophomores 4th -- Freshmen
Class Floats Class Locker Decorations
1st -- Freshmen 1st -- Juniors
2nd -- Sophomores 2nd -- Sophomores
3rd -- Seniors 3rd -- Seniors
4th -- Juniors 4th -- Freshman
Club Locker Decorations Participation Awards
1st -- Student Council 1st -- Seniors
2nd -- Spanish Club 2nd -- Sophomores
3rd -- F.F.A tied with Book Club 3rd -- Freshman
4th -- Yearbook & Travelers' Club 4th -- Juniors
Club Floats Sports Locker Decorations
1st -- F.F.A 1st -- Cheerleaders
2nd -- Spanish Club 2nd -- Saukettes

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Undefeated all 4 years!!!