Scholarships 2018/2019

Scholarships are due in the G.O. 5 school days prior to the actual application due date

Scholarship Information Deadline
American College Foundation Visionary ScholarshipStudents eligible are 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th graders with application deadline May 1, 2019. Students apply at www.AmericanCollegeFoundation.org and use "invitation code": M6206. Please note that Mrs. Westbrook wants each student to understand that you do not have to pay and should not pay within this site for what they're offering. Scholarships shouldn't ever be a "pay to play" advantage for our students.May 1st
The Coca-Cola Scholars ProgramSeniors may apply at http://www.coca-colascholarsfoundation.org/apply. Criteria for application is student must have the capacity to lead and serve, as well as a commitment to making a significant impact on their school and community.October 1st
CBAI Foundation for Community Banking For the senior who plans to further their education after graduation. This scholarship is to further the understanding of the vital role that community banks play in our economy and to financially assist seniors to reach their career goals.February 6th
Earl W. Struck Memorial ScholarshipFor the senior who is the son or daughter of an Illinois Electric Co-op employee or director. Online application is at www.e-co-op.com.December 31st
LaVern & Nola McEntire Lineworker's ScholarshipFor the senior who will attend LLCC lineworker's school. Online application is at www.e-co-op.com.April 30th
Illinois Electric Cooperative ScholarshipFor the senior who is the son or daughter of IEC member receiving services from the co-op. Online application is at www.e-co-op.com.December 31st