Landon's Parade
Paula Hawley
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Please join us for Landon's Parade on Friday!

Friday, November 1st Pikeland Unit School District will be having a "Celebrate Landon Parade." Landon is a sixth grade student who is battling Leukemia. We will be holding a vehicle parade in his honor at 2:00 on Friday. 

We are asking anyone who would like to participate to celebrate Landon to line up between 1:30 and 1:45 behind PCS on the bus lane and Jackson street. All types of vehicles are welcome! Landon will be escorted by the Pittsfield Fire Department. The parade will travel in the back parking lot of PCS, on Higbee Street in front of Pittsfield High School, then to Clarksville Road in front of South School and will go up Memorial to Washington Street and travel around the square. The parade will then travel down West Washington Street to the Pike County Christian Academy.

 We have some special things planned along the route for Landon. Please join us in coming outside of your business or house to cheer Landon on!! He is an awesome boy who has made an impact on his peers and community. ❤ 

If you have any questions, please contact the Pikeland Board Office 217-285-2431.

Landon is the son of Chris and Christy Davenport and his story as told by his mother is below:

Last winter, Landon started complaining about leg pains. This was unusual, as Landon rarely complained about pain, so at the time we chalked it up to growth pains in his leg bones, assuming it was where he had previous surgeries. Throughout the early spring the pain issues would come and go, and at the time some rest and pain medicine would take care of it. It persisted into March so we decided it was time to dig deeper, and we visited his doctors in St. Louis, who then had us get an MRI. It was on March 27th, through the MRI results, that Leukemia was discovered.

 On April 1st Landon received his first chemotherapy treatment, and as such started his 7 month journey through intense treatment for his Leukemia. There are four stages of treatment for Landon’s type of leukemia. The first was called the Induction phase, and Landon did quite well through it. The second phase was called Consolidation, and this was where we started having issues with the chemotherapy drugs. Landon’s body, specifically his pancreas, was damaged by some of the chemotherapy, to a degree it put him into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on two occasions. At this point we knew we would have to change course with the severity of his chemotherapy.

 As we marched along dealing both with his issues with chemotherapy and his pancreas damage, he started having issues with fluid buildup in his body. Originally the doctors thought it was a virus, but through extensive testing it was discovered Landon now suffered from Stage four Cirrhosis of the Liver. The Cirrhosis was not necessarily caused by the chemotherapy treatments, as it’s believed something had been happening for quite awhile, but all of the treatments likely sped up the issues as his body was subjected to such severe trauma.

 At stage four, the Cirrhosis is not repairable, and because Landon has cancer, he is not eligible for a liver transplant. At some point in the future Landon’s body will succumb to liver failure.