Scholarships 2018/2019

Scholarships are due in the G.O. 5 school days prior to the actual application due date

Scholarship Information Deadline
American College Foundation Visionary Scholarship Students eligible are 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th graders with application deadline May 1, 2019. Students apply at www.AmericanCollegeFoundation.org and use "invitation code": M6206. Please note that Mrs. Westbrook wants each student to understand that you do not have to pay and should not pay within this site for what they're offering. Scholarships shouldn't ever be a "pay to play" advantage for our students. May 1st
Coca-Cola Scholarship http://www.coca-colascholarsfoundation.org/apply/

October 31
Acorn Equality Fund Scholarship A Non-profit organization that provides college scholarships to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and allies in Illinois' downstate counties. September 16

Pureland Supply Vocational and Skilled Trade Scholarship$1000 scholarship available to students who have been accepted to an accredited trade school, vocational college, technical school or community college for the study of trade, craft, or labor occupations.April 27th
The Entrepreneurial Scholarship $1000 scholarship available to a student enrolled as a Business major who may one day be an entrepreneur and start their own business
April 27th