Pittsfield High School is happy to announce the release of the first Hall of Fame induction class. 

Nominations are open for next year's class.  Nomination forms and Hall of Fame qualifications are located on the Pittsfield High School website at and under the Saukee Hall of Fame link, as well as in the PHS main office.


1982 State Champion Golf Team

Members: Todd Plattner, Mike Casteel, Kerry Zimmerman, George Graham, Eric Adams, Brian Harris

Head Coach:  Toby Smith

1991 State Champion Boys Basketball Team

Members:  Tony Baker, Brian Feezel, David Marable, David Fox, Gregg Scott, Doug Wade, Josh Townley, Troy Taylor, Rob Lemons, Jason Smithers, Jason Thompson, Keith Griffith, David Ballinger, Mike Capps, John Borrowman, Ryan Nevius, Jamie Sweeting, Greg Woods - Mgr,

Head Coach:  Dave Bennett

Assistant Coaches:  Steve Rylander and Bruce Everetts

1995 State Champion Girl’s 4x1 Relay

Members:  Amy Smith Cox, Sarah Webel Musgrave, Ann Groom Murphy, Faith Rahe Saxe

Coach:  Jeff Ruzicka

1996 State Champion Girl’s 4x1 Relay

Members:  Amy Smith Cox, Sarah Webel Musgrave, Ann Groom Murphy, Christy Kunzman

Coach:  Jeff Ruzicka

2009 IDTA State Champion Saukettes

Members: Kayla Killday, Ellyn Smith, Katelin Conkright Shoemaker, Nikki Rumple, Jessica Evans Beck, Bailey Henderson, Alyssa Bristow Rush, Addie Welbourne Slayback, Adrienne Smith White, Megan Moffit Greening, Alesha McNelly Rumple, Kendyl Crawford Armistead, Kenna Mager DeFina, Allie Little Lewis, Alison Smith

Coaches: Lindsey Tedrow and Kim Bauer


Craig Hayden - Cross Country State Champion 1978-79

John Wise - Wrestling 2 time State Champion 2002-03, 2003-04


Don “Deek” Pollard

Dave Bennett


Don Mellon


Zack Boren - 1998-1999 ICTM State Champion

2003-04 State Champion Calculating Team

Members:  Jonathan Peebles, Crystal Prater, Evan Roderick, Braxton Boren, Logan Shaw

2004-05 State Champion Math Jr/Sr Relay Team

Members:  Matt Lightle, Nathan Fry, Evan Roderick, Pat Brokaw

Friends of Program

Class of 1954